AMTA #10445

Clare Caldwell
Massage Therapy
2864 Route 27 Suite C
Lincoln Professional Center
North Brunswick, NJ 08902


What do people say about my work?

"Living within a body that suffers chronic musculoskeletal misalignments has been a daily challenge. Add to that a career in healthcare where the constant repetitive physical demands of bending and lifting are an 8 hour normal requirement. Several years ago, I discovered the benefits of a regular massage. Physically, my muscle spasms abated, then disappeared; scar tissue was decreased; physical therapy treatments were reduced as my healing time improved. Emotionally, I became more relaxed and better able to deal with life's daily stressors."

Christine, Hillsborough

"Before I went to see Clare, I had intermittent neck pains and headaches for almost 4 years. I have been to many medical practitioners including chiropractors, accupuncture, and physiatrists. No one has been able to give me more immediate relief than Clare doing deep tissue muscle massage. Clare impressed me right away by fitting me into her schedule because my pain was so acute on the day I called. I walked away feeling better and also understanding my pain because she took the time to explain it and how I can make myself well. I'm not yet there, but I'm feeling more confident that it will happen."

Susan, Princeton

"I have been a client of Clare's for 3 years. Her manner is gentile, yet firm, and extremely effective for relieving the daily stress of life and the growing pains of being a slightly overweight, inactive middle years male adult. I always look forward to my appointment and the duration is usually too brief."

Brian, North Brunswick

"I'm a masters track athlete and my first encounter with sports massage therapy was when I was competing at the National Indoor Championships over ten years ago. I had been suffering from a niggling hamstring problem, which was preventing me from being able to running 100%, they had a massage table at the event so I decided to give it a try, I couldn't believe the difference and was able to run freely for the first time in over a month! I decided I needed to see a massage therapist on a regular basis! At that time Clare was the massage therapist at the gym where I worked out so I scheduled an appointment and have never regretted it. Since that time I have regularly visited Clare for both preventative and injury treatment which has been very successful. I have also recommended her to at least ten of my training partners including an Olympic medallist who have all found her treatment to be beneficial. As a result of my recommendation Clare has also treated a track team that I help coach, both pre and post competition. Finally Clare has also been treating my daughter for 'whiplash' following a auto accident. Clare has an uncanny knack of knowing where the problem is, I've lost count of the number of times I've seen her and said that I had some tightness somewhere and Clare would unerringly locate the trouble spot with her 'magic thumb'! I would unreservedly recommend Clare's therapy to anyone engaged in sport both as a preventative measure and for treatment of injuries."


"I broke my back as a teenager and since then have always had a lot of back pain. I tried everything from rehab to chiropractors to medications. None of these helped me. I finally went to clare and she gave me a therapeutic massage. I haven't had any of the problems I had before and I am very happy with her services."


"For most of my life, I have suffered from headaches. During my college years, these headaches developed into migraines which became frequent and debilitating; they were beginning to control my life. I often missed work because I could not get out of bed some days. I have been to a number of doctors, including a neurologist, to seek help with curing this problem... I tried a few different "preventative" medications, but the migraines continued to occur an average of 1-2 times each week.

I began massage therapy with Clare Caldwell in May 2002, and I can honestly say that this has had the greatest effect in treating my migraines. Massage therapy has taught me how to listen to my body...I went for two therapy sessions each week... Clare has also introduced me to several other treatment options and is always opening new doors for me. For the first time in many years, I have been headache-free for 2 weeks! That is my proof that massage therapy has been an effective treatment for me, and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who suffers from severe headaches or migraines."