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Questions and Answers
What You've Been Wanting to Know About

Who can benefit from massage?

Young, old, all in between, professionals, pregnant women, those who do hard physical labor, athletes, performers, nurses, counselors, carpenters, plumbers, salesmen, teachers, writers, artists, administrators…you get the idea - anyone except those with medical contra-indications.

I'm a reasonably healthy, active person without physical problems. Why would I consider getting therapeutic massage?

1. It feels wonderful!
2. To be even healthier. Wellness means you can feel better than you ever knew was possible.
3. To increase your body awareness and sensitivity.
4. To relieve everyday type stress as well as more extreme stress from key times of pressure or crisis.
5. To become calmer, more centered and thus more creative.
6. To think more clearly and to quiet mental static, to be in relaxed alertness.
7. To nourish your muscles and your whole self.
8. All those help prevent illness and improve life quality.

Is it good to get massage on a regular basis?
"Massage has its greatest benefits over time and most doctors and therapists say the more often you get a massage the better you feel" - a New York Times quote. The therapeutic effects of massage are cumulative. From one session to the next, you are able to relax more and more as the chronic patterns of stress in the body are released. These changes are readily felt in your day-to-day life as well.

Assuming I've found a qualified massage therapist, what can I expect when I go in the first time?

When you call to make an appointment and when you arrive for your first massage, your massage therapist will ask you about your reasons for getting massage, your current physical condition, medical history, lifestyles and stress level, any areas of pain, etc.

You'll be asked to undress in private and drape yourself with a sheet or towel provided for you (underwear is left on or off, at your discretion); then you'll lie down on a comfortably padded massage table. Only the part of the body being work will be uncovered and your modesty is respected.

You can expect a peaceful and comfortable environment for the massage.

Your therapist may gently establish a connection in some way such as breathing in rhythm with you for a few moments before beginning the first strokes.

For the period of time agreed upon you'll have the unique experience of having all your muscles kneaded and stroked in a full-body massage, or only in specific areas in case of a session oriented to localized injury, pain or tightness, or sports readiness.

Do I have any responsibilities during the massage?

1. To give your therapist accurate health information.
2. To report discomfort of any kind, whether from body, room temperature, volume of music, or other distractions.

If I relax, won't it take away my edge - my drive and productivity - especially if I get a massage in the middle of the day?

There are various styles of massage, some more invigorating than others. A good therapist will match the style to your needs. Massage for a business person returning to the office afterward will be different from a session for an overstressed client seeking deep, resting relaxations at the end of the day. Too much tension always restricts, both mentally and physically. Relaxed alertness enhances creativity and productiveness.